US-Georgia relations

Senator McCain in Georgia on Official State Visit

ჯონ მაკკეინი საოკუპაციო ხაზზე Photo: ტაბულა

Republican Senators and members of the US Armed Services Committee, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are in Georgia on an official state visit.

On January 1, the senators paid a visit to the population living near the occupation line in village Khurvaleti and wished them a happy new year.

“Thousands of people had their lives destroyed by Russian aggression and we must always remember that these people deserve to have their life back and never forget them“, said McCain in Khurvaleti

John McCain also added that he is sure that the the policy position on Georgia will not change in the new President’s administration, Senate or Congress, and  thanked Georgian soldiers for their contributions to peacekeeping missions.

“My message to the people of Georgia is that we are grateful for their friendship, their support, their military and young service members who are serving in Afghanistan. We must continue to improve our relations and understand that unless we stand up to Vladimir Putin, he’ll continue the aggression and we must stand up to him“, said McCain

On the same day, Senator McCain presented gifts to an individual left behind the occupation line, Davit Vanishvili.

On January 2, the senators visited a training center used by both the Georgian Armed Forces and NATO in Krtsanisi.

Before Georgia, the senators visited Ukraine on December 30 - 31. After their departure from Georgia, they will visit Latvia, Lithuania and Montenegro.

The aim of the visit is to convince partner countries that Washington will continue to be a bulwark against Russian aggression.


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