US-Georgia relations

John McCain Meets with United National Movement Leaders

Photo: Facebook/Sergi Kapanadze

American Senators, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Amy Klobuchar met with leaders of the United National Movement today, and discussed the nation’s domestic policy and its stance on Russia.

“Traditionally, we had a good meeting with friends of Georgia, Senators McCain, Graham and Klobuchar. They understand exactly our problems - relations with Russia, NATO expansion, the challenges of democracy - including the Rustavi 2 Case and political persecutions. This visit is an open demonstration of the support towards Georgia in [the context of] a complicated regional situation”, wrote United National Movement’s MP, Sergi Kapanadze on his Facebook page.

According to Giga Bokeria, the country is being hurt by the influence of Bidzina Ivanishvili. However, he hopes that such visits of high placed officials will contribute to the curbing of possible damage.

“This visit is a very important signal for us. There’s a very risky international condition for everyone, but Georgia is in a particularly precarious situation. There’s a new administration in the United States, the policies of which are not all clear yet. . . the visit of such old friends and influential figures in Eastern Europe is a very important signal [for us]. First of all, it is the responsibility of the government and ours as the opposition as well to introduce them to our view on the challenges posed to us by Russia and on the processes within the country - that’s exactly what we talked about”, said Bokeria.

John McCain stated that the meeting with the UNM was productive and that the US continues to express its support for the energetic political climate. McCain once again added that the US supports Georgia’s independence and territorial sovereignty and thanked Georgian soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Before Georgia, the senators visited Ukraine on December 30 - 31. After their departure from Georgia, they will visit Latvia, Lithuania and Montenegro.

The aim of the visit is to convince partner countries that Washington will continue to be a bulwark against Russian aggression.

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