2016 Parliamentary Elections

Georgian Dream Received more than 65% of Political Donations in 2016

Photo: ტაბულა

Georgia’s political parties and electoral subjects received a total of 34,465,034 GEL last year in political donations.

According to the State Audit Office of Georgia, 22,995,584 GEL of this sum was received by the ruling party, Georgian Dream. Paata Burchuladze’s party, State for the People, took second place with 4,491,467 lari, followed by the Patriots’ Alliance of Georgia with 1,644,168 lari.

United National Movement is 4th on the list with 1,126,691 GEL, followed by the Free Democrats - 718,690 lari.

Georgian political parties are prohibited from receiving donations from individuals or legal entities based outside of Georgia, religious organisations, non-profit organisations or individuals without citizenship. Donations cannot be made anonymously.

The highest amount that an individual can donate is 60,000 GEL, whereas legal entities can give us as much as 120,000 GEL.


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