Russia-Georgia relations

“No to Gazprom” - Platform “Defend Liberty” to hold Demonstration on January 18


A demonstration against Gazprom will be held at the Chancellery Building of the Government, led by platform “Defend Liberty” on January 18 at 20:00.

Georgian Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze confirmed on January 11 that Georgia will switch to a financial compensation plan with Gazprom in exchange for allowing the transport of Russian natural gas into Armenia as of 2018.

For 2017, Georgia will continue to receive 10% of all Russian gas transported through Georgia.

“The Government of Georgia agrees to Gazprom’s deal - something that Bidzina Ivanishvili couldn’t achieve before because of the resistance from the civil sector and opposition, this year it has already been brought to us as a fact.

With the deal that should be signed by the sides soon, the cost for the transit of the natural gas will be paid financially by the most untrusted partner of Georgia. This puts us in a disadvantageous position.

Let’s make the government hear our voice and not allow them to agree to this unprofitable deal. If you don’t want your country to be dependent on Putin, then come to the chancellery building at 20:00 on January 18”, reads the statement of the platform, Defend Liberty.

Gazprom Export issued an official statement on January 13, claiming conditions under which the deal had been concluded were optimal for both sides.

Deputy Minister of Energy Mariam Valishvili stated that she cannot say what the exact amount of money that Georgia will be paid.

“I want to assure you that this will be the best reimbursement which could be paid for this kind of service and in this industry”, she also added that “of course, it’s not the 10% [of transit gas] that we’ve been receiving before, but it is a high price”.

Under the current deal, 2.4 billion cubic meters of gas are annually piped through Georgia to Armenia. Of that, .3 billion is received by Georgia free of charge.

Gazrprom offered a similar deal last year in 2016. However, the direction of the negotiations changed in March 2016 when Kaladze and the President of Azerbaijan’s SOCAR, Rovnag Abdullayev, signed a contract increasing the amount of Azerbaijani gas to be delivered to Georgia


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