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United National Movement Officially Splits, New Party to be Formed

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21 MPs and 27 members of the United National Movement’s political council have announced the split of the party today.

At a special briefing, the now former party members announced their intention to create a new political force.

“We’ve always had such disagreements, but after the elections, they have become more intense. We’ve had disagreements on issues such as the tactics of the party, assessment of the [party’s] past and the future of the party - what should have been our methods and what we should have offered potential voters. We’ve come to the reality that the UNM is divided; you see people who have been fighting for the ideals of the party and never backed down. Today the group isn’t leaving the UNM, but the party itself is being divided”, stated the leader of the parliamentary minority, Davit Bakradze.

Bakradze also added that “disagreements will remain in the past and now we’re starting to build a future. I want to wish success to those people who are members of the UNM, chairmen of regional organisations. We will remain as colleagues in fighting Ivanishvili’s regime”.

31 members of the political council and 5 MPs have decided to remain in the party. One MP, Azer Suleymanov, has not decided whether he will remain within the UNM or join the new party.

The controversy within the United National Movement became public after former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili encouraged members of the party not to enter the Parliament and not to participate in the runoff elections of the 2016 Parliamentary elections, to which the United National Movement’s MPs did not agree.

Below you can find a list of UNM MPs who have decided to leave the party:

  1. Davit Bakradze
  2. Irakli Abesadze
  3. Akaki Bobokhidze
  4. Giga Bokeria
  5. Khatuna Gogorishvili
  6. Tengiz Gunava
  7. Lasha Damenia
  8. Giorgi Kandelaki
  9. Zaza Kedelashvili
  10. Irma Nadirashvili
  11. Ramaz Nikolaishvili
  12. Sergo Ratiani
  13. Lela Keburia
  14. Giorgi Ghviniashvili
  15. Mamuka Chikovani
  16. Gigi Tsereteli
  17. Zurab Tchiaberashvili
  18. Elene Khoshtaria
  19. Sergi Kapanadze
  20. Otar Kakhidze
  21. Giorgi Tughushi

UNM’s MPs who will remain in the party are:

  1. Nika Melia
  2. Tinatin Bokuchava
  3. Roman Gotsiridze
  4. Salome Samadashvili
  5. Koba Nakopia

Former Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava who was recently released from prison is also joining the group leaving the UNM. Ugulava has previously stated that “the party isn’t divided, it’s destroyed”.


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