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Georgian Government Responds to Joseph Daul’s Call to Release Political Prisoners

Photo: radiotavisupleba.ge

The Administration of Georgian Government has commented on European Parliament MP Joseph Daul’s statement from yesterday, in which he urged the Prime Minister of Georgia to release political prisoners in the country.

According to the Administration, justice is implemented by judiciary branch of the country, and the government does not have the right to intervene in its work.

“Georgia is a European country, Associated with the European Union, and it has successfully implemented European standards. Since 2012, Georgia's distinguished progress in the process of the implementation of European democratic reforms has been recognized by the European Union as well as by other partners and international organizations. Georgia managed to transform itself into a country rooted in the basic value of human freedom.

In a democratic system, those guilty are held responsible for their crimes, including violent criminal acts resulting in deaths, torture, dishonor and humiliation.

The Government of Georgia cannot engage in the process of releasing persons charged in the court with such crimes despite their political affiliation, and it cannot introduce impunity, which is also unacceptable in a democratic society. These are not the values of a Western, democratic and constitutional state.

Georgian Government's adherence to these values cannot be compromised in response to a politically motivated statement.".

On January 23, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe also welcomed Gigi Ugulava’s release.

Former Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava was released from prison on January 6.

Ugulava and his lawyers had argued that articles on embezzlement, appropriation and abuse of power had been interpreted and used in an unconstitutional manner to imprison him.  be easily interpreted and used in an unconstitutional manner


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