Giorgi Tsertsvadze Case

Ukraine Releases Georgian Soldier Arrested at Moscow’s Request


Georgian Vice-Colonel Giorgi Tsertsvadze who was detained in Kyiv on January 15 on Moscow’s request is now free. Tsertsvadze left the detention facility in Kyiv towards 10 pm.

The Appellate Court of Kyiv had appointed February 3 his trial date, however, due to the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office Giorgi Tsertvadze was released on January 26.

Givi Targamdze posted a screenshot of his conversation with the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Lutsenko and stated that Tsertsvadze would be released that evening.

Russia brought murder charges against Tsertsvadze in 2003. However, an international warrant for his arrest was issued only in 2016. The Georgian soldier was initially put in pre-trial detention for 40 days by Kyiv Municipal Court.

Tsertsvadze fought in the war with Abkhazia and the 2008 Georgia-Russian war and he was also a participant of western Ukraine’s anti-terrorist operations. According to Rustavi 2, Russia acquired information on Tsertsvadze either from the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs or the House of Justice. It is unclear why Tsertsvadze was allowed to exit Georgia if he was actively being sought after by INTERPOL.

The MIA explained that “since there were no violations in his documentation and he did not have criminal charges in Georgia, he was allowed to pass the border by the border police”.

The Government of Georgia rejects accusations of passing any kind of information to Russia.


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