Movement for Liberty - European Georgia

Movement for Liberty - European Georgia Selected as Name of New Political Force


At the presentation of the newly formed party of the parliamentary minority, the new name of the party was revealed as “Movement for Liberty - European Georgia”.

“Movement for Liberty - European Georgia will be the kind of political force which will be a real movement and not just a party. This will be a movement for liberty”, stated Davit Bakradze.

The convention of the new political force will be held in spring. Until that time, the General Secretary of the party will be Gigi Ugulava. Movement for Liberty - European Georgia will participate in local elections.

The party consists of 21 MPs and 27 members of the United National Movement’s political council, which announced their departure from UNM on January 12.

The members of the new party have already started holding meetings with Georgia’s diplomatic corps and international partners. On January 24, the President of the European People’s Party, Joseph Daul, met with members of European Georgia.

On January 30 Gigi Ugulava revealed the intention for the party to become a member of EPP.

“We had a meeting with the heads of European People’s Party recently and we’re planning to become part of it, as our party is right-centrist and that’s why it belongs to the family which is the EPP”.

Ugulava also added that the party will do its best to “have representatives in all cities for local elections, as today the European Georgia is the only and strongest alternative to Georgian Dream, which has the opportunity to appeal to different types of voters in society”.

Movement for Liberty - European Georgia has 2 factions in the Parliament of Georgia - “European Georgia” and “European Georgia for a Better Future”.

The chairman of the first faction, “European Georgia”, is Sergo Ratiani, whereas the chairman of the second is Elene Khoshtaria.


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