Hotels in Kakheti will have 25% Discount for Next 2 Weeks - Tourism Administration

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Under an initiative of the Georgian National Tourism Administration, hotels in Kakheti will have a ‘discount week’ from the 13th to 27th February. The aim of the initiative is to increase the number of tourists staying in hotels during off-tourism seasons.

Discount weeks will be held in different touristic regions of Georgia within the frames of the project.

The following are the hotels in Kakheti participating in the discount week, according to the Georgian National Tourism Administration website:

  • Hotel Chateau Mere
  • Hotel Royal Batoni
  • Hotel Ambassadori Kachreti
  • Lopota Lake Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Kvareli Lake
  • Hotel Old Telavi
  • Hotel Kvareli Eden
  • Hotel Shaloshvili Cellar
  • Hotel Kabadoni
  • Hotel Alaznis Veli
  • Hotel Rcheuli Marani / Telavi

In order to get the 25% discount, guests must give a special promo code when booking a room.

For promo codes and more detailed information, go to the Georgian National Tourism Administration website.


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