Black sea arena

1 Million GEL from State Budget for Black Sea Arena Upkeep

Photo: black sea arena

The upkeep expenses for the Black Sea Arena concert hall located in Shekveliti, Guria amounts to 1 million GEL paid from the state budget, according to details disclosed by the director of LTD Black Sea Arena, Dimitri Benidze, in an interview with BusinessContract.

The LTD Black Sea Arena was built by former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili’s offshore company Limestone Finance International. In July 2016 Cartu Bank, also owned by former Prime Minister Ivanishvili, gifted the concert hall to the Government of Georgia for free. The construction of the arena began in 2008 by Cartu foundation and cost $115 million USD to build.

Black Sea Arena Director Dimitri Beridze explained the arena’s expenses: “The area where the hall was built needs to be kept humid, so the building needs care; there are electricians working, fire brigades, and other systems which require monitoring and attention; we also have security. At the moment there are 106 people employed 24 hours a day. During high season we will probably need additional staff,” he said.

American rock band Aerosmith will have a concert at the Black Sea Arena on May 20th; the  government is paying 5.5 million GEL to sponsor the concert.


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