Giga Otkhozoria Case

Movement for Liberty Demands Interpol Search for Murderer of Georgian on Abkhaz ABL


The Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party is demanding an interpol search for the murderer of Georgian citizen Giga Otkhozoria, according to party member Otar Kakhidze at a briefing on February 21. 31-year-old Otkhozoria was shot and killed point blank in May 2016 by de facto Abkhazia's so called border guard while on Georgian-controlled territory, at the Khurcha-Nabakevi crossing on the Georgian-Abkhaz administrative boundary line.

The Georgian Prosecutor's Office announced the name of the suspected killer as Rashid Kanji-Ogli, who has been charged with murder and ordered to pre-trial detention in absentia. The Prosecutor’s Office in de facto Abkhazia started an investigation regarding an intentional murder.

According to the State Security Service of Georgia, the Abkhazian side refuses to hand over Otkhozoria’s accused murderer, after Georgian representatives raised the issue in August 2016 at a meeting in the Gali region of Abkhazia with the Abkhaz authorities.

In yesterday’s briefing, Otar Kakhidze of Movement for Liberty - European Georgia criticized the Georgian government for failing to get Otkhozoria’s killer on the Interpol search list:

“Exactly nine months ago, Giga Otkhozoria, a father of two, was cynically murdered. His murderer, Rashid Kanji-Ogli, is seen on video footage, but still is not on the Interpol search list. We know that the Government of Georgia sent a letter to Interpol. But how come he hasn’t been searched by Interpol for these nine months? The person is identified, his side affirms the murder, and the case is strengthened with evidence…

We are calling on the Government of Georgia to act, to communicate with Interpol, and make sure that the murderer of our citizen is on the Interpol list, so that he may be extradited to Georgia and punished within the full strictness of the law. Other than sending a letter, the Government of Georgia does not have close communication with Interpol, which involves exchanging evidence, and annulling contradicting arguments. The Government of Georgia might have lost trust and authority, as so many individuals have been taken off the Interpol list because of political motivation. It’s a shame that the Government of Georgia couldn’t manage to put the person identified on video on the Interpol list,” stated Kakhidze.  

Russia has argued that it has nothing to do with the Otkhozoria border murder and does not see its responsibility in the case, saying it was committed by Abkhaz border guards. The Georgian Foreign Ministry however urges Russia to assume responsibility considering that Moscow has "effective control" over Abkhazia.


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