Detentions at occupation line

Another Person Detained at Occupation Line with De Facto South Ossetia


Russian soldiers have detained another Georgian citizen from the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) between Georgia and de facto South Ossettia. The detained person, Kakhaber Kisishvili, is a resident of the village Plavi in the Gori municipality.

Locals say Kisishvili was transferred to Tskhinvali. He was detained for allegedly illegal crossing the ABL. A resident of the same village, Giorgi Tsitsagi, was also detained back in December 2016.

This is not the first time such incidents have occurred. Earlier in February 2017, two women were also detained at the ABL. On November 27, 2016, Russian border police detained 18-year-old Mikheil Khubulashvili, from Gori municipality.

On October 24, Russian soldiers detained civilian Ilia Takadze from the village of Kirbaly; and on September 12, 60-year-old shepard Valiko Khizanishvili was kidnapped from the occupation line by Russian soldiers. Earlier in the summer, a father and son were also taken into custody for allegedly illegally crossing the occupation line.

In 2016, Minister for Reconciliation Paata Zakareishvili commented on the detention and release of civilians at the Administrative Boundary Line, stating that “during the reign of the last government, those detained would not be released for months. Now they are released in two or three days.” Zakareishvili claimed that the current government's handling of this issue is far more efficient.


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