Georgian Ambassadors

Georgia Proposes New Ambassadors for Six Countries


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia presented new ambassadorial candidacies for six countries: Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Australia and Malaysia, the ministry reports. The nominated candidates will now need the approval from the President of Georgia.

Ilia Darchiashvili was proposed as the plenipotentiary ambassador to Poland. He served as the first deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia in 2015-2016; since December 2016 he is ‘ambassador at large.’

The candidacy of Nikoloz Nikolozishvili was suggested for Romania. He has been the ambassador to Poland since 2011, and before that served as the ambassador in Slovenia (2006-2011) and Armenia (1998-2004).

Davit Solomonia is the candidate for Brazil; since March 2014 he has served as the director of the Euro-Integration department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Giorgi Dolidze has been serving in the MFA since 1997; has has been nominated to be Georgia’s Ambassador to Australia. Since October 2011 he was the director of the security policy and Euro-Atlantic integration committee of the MFA.

Nikoloz Apkhazava is nominated to be ambassador to Malaysia. Apkhazava has served as Georgia’s ambassador to South Korea since 2012.

Former State Minister for Diaspora Issues (2014-2016) Gela Dumbadze is nominated to be Georgia’s ambassador to Ukraine.


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