Parliament of Georgia

Wrangle and Verbal Abuse in Georgian Parliament


A verbal controversy occurred in the Parliament of Georgia today. Member of the Patriots’ Alliance, Emzar Kvitsiani verbally insulted MP of Movement for Liberty - European Georgia, Giga Bokeria and threw a pen at him.

Today members of the Parliament listened to the annual report of the head of State Security Service, Vakhtang Gomelauri. Members of European Georgia and United National Movement demanded to have an open format during the political speeches and Q&A. The controversy between the MPs started around this subject.

During his speech Kvitsiani stated that it does not matter whether the format will be closed or not, when a resident of a foreign country, Giga Bokeria, was sitting at this meeting.

Another member of Patriots’ Alliance then further elaborated that “Bokeria was the Resident of Russia”. Kvitsiani later apologized for his actions and stated that verbal abuse was “just an emotion”.

After today’s meeting at the Parliament one of the MPs of European Georgia, Otar Kakhidze was injured. Another incident occurred in MP’s room and there’s no video footage of it, however the ashtray thrown into his head.



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