Georgian Constitution

Right to Access to Internet to be Included in New Constitution of Georgia


“Everyone has the right to have access to the internet and to freely use the internet”, emphasizes a draft project proposal for changes to the constitution.

The ‘right to access to the internet’ has been implemented in several countries across the world.

For example the same right was defined by Finland in 2010, together with the speed of the internet. In 2010 the minimum speed for the internet was defined at 1 megabyte and in 2015 it was raised to 100 megabytes.

In Georgia’s case, there is no line about the speed of the internet, which means that providing a speed of a mere 10 bytes would not be considered a violation. With such speed downloading 1 gigabyte file would take 82 hours.

This addition to the constitution might also raise some legal disputes, as for example if for some reason internet provider will have to stop providing access to internet, then it would mean that it violates the constitutional right of citizens.

On April 21, the project for creating a new constitution was published. The main issues that are to be changed in Georgian constitution concern the President and Parliamentary election systems. The new constitution also has several additions in the social context and a new chapter on Euro-Integration.


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