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Number of Cars in Georgia Hits 1.12 million

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1.12 million cars are being used in Georgia. Just in 2016, the number of cars has risen by 88 thousand, says the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the MIA, 91% of the cars are produced before 2007. The cars of less than 3 years of age make up only 1.3% of the entire number of cars

This data also suggests the list of most popular brand of cars in Georgia. Opel Astra tops the list, the total number of which amounts to 55 thousand.

List of most popular car brands in Georgia:

  1. Opel Astra - 55 thousand
  2. Mercedes-Benz E - 49.7 thousand
  3. Mercedes-Benz C - 42 thousand
  4. Opel Vectra - 40 thousand
  5. Volkswagen Golf - 25 thousand
  6. BMW 3 Series - 23.6 thousand
  7. BMW 5 Series - 23 thousand
  8. Mitsubishi Pajero - 21.3 thousand
  9. Honda Fit - 14.7 thousand
  10. Mercedes-Benz ML - 13.3 thousand

89% of these cars are registered to individuals whereas 11% to legal entities. Governmental legal entities make for a majority within that 11%.

In regards to the years of production of the cars, 2005 tops the list. 160,000 cars produced in 2005 are being used in Georgia, followed by 2004 with 110,000 cars.

In 2016 there has been a high demand on Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. The increase in the demand of those two brands has hit 75% and 30% compared to last year. There’s a decrease in demand of BMW, Ford and Opel however.

The most popular models of premium brands in 2016 were: Mercedes-Benz GLE(54), Land Rover range rover (53), BMW X5(27), Mercedes GLA(27), Land Rover range rover sport (22), BMW X6 (21), Land Rover Vogue (21).


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