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Russian Soldiers Detain another Georgian Along ABL

გამყოფი ხაზი Photo: AFP

Another Georgian was detained on April 26 by Russian soldiers from the occupation line alongside de facto republic of South Ossetia.

According to relatives, 68-year-old Eldar Gundishvili was detained when he was shepherding the animals. The detained individuals have health problems.

Three individuals living in the village of Artsevia in Gori municipality were also detained on April 17. They crossed the wire entanglements in order to get to the cemetery.

Earlier this month Two Georgian citizens were detained by Russian soldiers in the Zugdidi region. Father and son Archil and Paata Rogava, aged 59 and 25, were searching for a lost horse. According to eyewitnesses, Russian soldiers detained the pair near the shore of the Enguri river.

There have been numerous cases where the civilians from the Gori municipality have been detained for allegedly crossing the ABL with South Ossetia. On April 4th, 2017 Russian border officers on the administrative boundary line with South Ossetia detained a local man, Alika Geliashvili, from the village of Bershueti in the Gori municipality; in March 2017, Kakhaber Kisishvili was detained for allegedly illegally crossing the ABL; in February 2017, two women were detained at the ABL; on November 27, 2016, Russian border police detained 18-year-old Mikheil Khubulashvili from Gori municipality; on October 24, 2016 Russian soldiers detained Ilia Takadze from the village of Kirbaly; and on September 12, 60-year-old shepard Valiko Khizanishvili was kidnapped; in the summer in 2016, a father and son were also taken into custody for allegedly illegally crossing the occupation line.

“This is the ugly face of occupation, which doesn’t care about people’s interests. Of course we have the hotline open now so that our citizens are freed as soon as possible”, previously stated the Minister for Reconciliation, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili.


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