Greece to Discuss Legalization of Illegal Georgian Migrants

Photo: საგარეო საქმეთა სამინისტრო

Georgian citizens residing illegally in Greece may receive legal status and the right to remain in the country, says the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Georgian ambassador to Greece, Ioseb Nanobashvili, met and discussed this problem with Greece's Minister on Immigration Policy, Ioannis Mouzalas. The goal of the meeting was “to establish a common and coordinated approach between the two countries”.

According to the ministry, "the Greek side will provide us with the relevant technical assistance to understand the 2014 Greek law on migration and help us with the interpretation of relevant amendments with its implications in practice. The main focus will be orientated on the articles, which, as an exception, allow citizens of "third countries", including Georgian citizens, to live legally in Greece.

The parties will also work on the new legislative initiatives that are associated with giving opportunity to citizens from “third countries”, including specific new category of Georgian citizens, to legally remain in Greece. The parties defined the first such possible category as individuals who take care of people with disabilities.

"In order to, efficiently execute the proposed arrangements, the embassy of Georgia intends to cooperate with Georgian lawyers working in Greece, who have practical experience of working with the Greek legislation, and Greece, in turn, emphasizes the relevance of appointment of person responsible for legal issues from their side," states the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.


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