Hybrid cars

Import of Hybrid Cars Rises Eight Times Since 2014

Photo: motor trend channel

5.7% of the cars imported to Georgia in 2016 were working on a hybrid system, reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. This indicator is 5 times bigger compared to 2015 - 1.4% and 8 times bigger compared to 2014 - 0.7%.

The Toyota Prius tops the list in hybrid cars imported in Georgia. Prius has even managed to get in the list of top 10 most frequently imported cars in Georgia.  The list reads as follows:

Mercedes Benz E Class - 5516 cars

Honda Fit - 5197 Cars

Nissan Tida - 4548 Cars

Mercedes Benz C Class - 4375 Cars

Opel Astra - 4259 Cars

Toyota Prius - 3885 Cars

Nissan Note - 2149 Cars

Toyota Vitz - 2055 Cars

Nissan X-trail - 1952 Cars

Subaru Forester - 1929 Cars

The imported hybrid cars are usually second hand. There was a significant rise in used hybrid cars on the world market which resulted in its accessibility. Customers prefer this type of car usually because of fuel economy.


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