European Georgia

European Georgia Leader: We Will Increase Pensions Where We Win Local Elections

Photo: ტაბულა

Members of the Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party met today with pensioners in Tbilisi. The leader of the parliamentary minority, David Bakradze, said the party plans to increase pensions in the regions where the party will win elections for local government, scheduled for Fall 2017.

The opposition party plans to increase pensions by reallocating costs from local governments and mayors’ offices.

"We plan to save more money and use it to increase pensions. We will save money that is spent on bureaucratic costs, luxury expenses, cars, excessively high gasoline costs, bonuses, and biased working places given to relatives and friends," opposition leader Bakradze said at the meeting with pensioners.

Bakradze said pensions will increase by at least 20 GEL (Georgian Lari) a month, and that the increase will not cause any changes to the budget.

"In many regions it will be even higher. For example, in Rustavi there will be a 30 GEL increase to pensions, in Poti 55 GEL, and in Tbilisi 50 GEL. We have a specific calculation of savings and all of our candidates will know the exact amount of money that will be provided for the respective region for increasing pensions, in case of victory. Instead of being used for bonuses, money should be used to increase pensions," Bakradze said.


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