Movement for Liberty - European Georgia

European Georgia Selects Chairman, Secretary General, and Political Council Chair at Convention


The Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party held a founding convention today at the Tbilisi Sports Palace. At the convention, party members voted for chairman of the party, chairman of the political council and secretary general. Moreover, party’s mayoral candidate for the upcoming Tbilisi mayoral elections in October 2017 was nominted.

Parliamentary minority leader Davit Bakradze was selected as the Chairman of the party.

Bakradze said that “European Georgia should be a different kind of political force; a uniting party, where people from different backgrounds and different views are joining, people who have one thing in common: Faith and hope in a better future of our homeland.”

Convention attendees also selected party members for several other leading positions. The position of the Secretary General of the party will be taken by former Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava; Giga Bokeria was selected to lead the political council of European Georgia.

Bokeria thanked the delegates for trusting him for the post, saying it is a big honour and responsibility. Bokeria said that the delegates are the people “who know that even a good government is dangerous if it doesn’t abide by the Constitution and if it’s not under its [the Constitution’s] control.”

“You are the people who will build a European Georgia, and a European Georgia is the real Georgia,” Bokeria said in his closing remarks.

Former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava stated that “Georgia doesn’t deserve to be a poor, hopeless country, and it should not depend on the will of one person,” making reference to the rule of former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili. Ugulava said that the citizens’ freedom, well-being, and the country’s security should be “among the goals we should achieve.”

European Georgia selected MP Elene Khoshtaria as the party’s candidate for the upcoming elections for mayor of Tbilisi in October of this year. Khoshtaria thanked the delegates at the convention for trusting her for the job.

Khoshtaria discussed what her campaign strategy will be for the elections: “Our campaign should not be about demolishing someone. Our campaign should be about specific suggestions and solutions on specific problems,” she said. “That pensioners should not be afraid of ageing, that young people should have the opportunity to realize their talents, to make sure that the disabled feel like an integral part of society, to ensure that no minority group is afraid of coming out on the streets and being attacked. This is going to be our main goal, and not wrangling with some figure.”


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