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NATO Parliamentary Assembly Members Visited ABL with South Ossetia

Photo: საქართველოს პარლამენტი

Participants in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session being held in Tbilisi
visited the village of Odzisi on the administrative boundary line (ABL) with South Ossetia, to learn about the situation of villages on the ground.

The delegation expressed their support towards Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Portuguese MP Julio Miranda Calha stated he hopes that “we can find peaceful ways to a solution.”

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly Spring Session is from May 26th to 29th. More than 600 delegates arrived for the session. This is the 5th NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in a non-Member State country. Speaking from the ABL, delegates expressed that the session in Tbilisi is another firm approval of NATO’s support of Georgia.

Georgia is often described as being NATO’s ‘star student.’ At the 2008 Bucharest Summit, Georgia was promised NATO membership. Georgia has participated in a number of NATO international missions and is one of the largest non-member contributors to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force.

After the 2014 Wales Summit, Georgia received a substantial package for a training center in order to prepare for membership. The July 2916 Warsaw Summit declaration spoke about Georgia extensively, and reiterated that Georgia has the potential to become a member of NATO and that the Membership Action Plan continues to be an integral part of the process.


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