Rustavi 2

Director of Rustavi 2 TV Resigns, Source Says

Photo: რუსთავი 2

The Director of Rustavi 2 TV company Nika Gvaramia allegedly resigned on June 8th, a source has told Tabula. The employees of the TV company tried to negotiate with Gvaramia to remain in his position, however, no further comment was made after their meeting today.

Rustavi 2 is the highest rated TV company in the country.

Due to financial issues, the company has been in a stage of reorganization for several weeks. In an interview on May 31st, Gvaramia said that if the company could not solve its financial problems, he would resign.

“If I cannot deal with the financial problems, even because of justified reasons, I won’t make the employees work for free. If the reorganization scheme won’t work, someone else will have to work on it,” Gvaramia said during an interview with



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