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Parliamentary Majority Discussing When to Repeal Majoritarian System

არჩილ თალაკვაძე Photo: ტაბულა

Georgian Dream Parliament Majority leader Archil Talakvadze announced today at a meeting with journalists that the ruling party is discussing whether to repeal the majoritarian system for the 2020 or 2024 parliamentary elections.

“We are spending too much energy” on the issue of the electoral system, MP Talakvadze said.

Currently, Georgia has a mixed electoral system. At the polling station, citizens cast one vote for a majoritarian candidate running in their district, and a second vote for a national party list. 77 seats in the parliament are distributed amongst the parties according to the proportion of list votes they receive. Parties must pass a minimum threshold of 5% of the vote in order to win seats in the parliament.

If none of the candidates for single mandate seats manage to pass the 50% threshold then a runoff vote is held between the two candidates who won the most votes. 73 out of the 150 seats of the parliament are filled in this way.

“Yesterday, the Parliamentary Chairman conducted consultations with the majority, with the different factions within the majority, including the majoritarian deputies; we are spending too much energy concerning this issue and we need to redirect our policy to the needs of the people.

In regards to the constitutional changes, the existing electoral system will definitely be converted into a more democratic model. After yesterday’s consultations, it was reaffirmed that absolutely every member of the majority supports progress and the subsequent strengthening of our country’s democracy.

In regards to the voting of the constitutional project, the majority will stand in agreement at those sessions that will be dedicated to the constitutional review and this will occur in the second half of June,” parliamentary majority leader Talakvadze said.

Journalists asked the MP Talakvadze whether or not he can confirm information that the ruling party will review repealing the majoritarian system for the 2024 parliamentary elections. According to MP Talakvadze, the ruling party is discussing the specific time period and will have an agreed-upon position in late June.

“In connection with the electoral system, including the issue of the majoritarian model, various ideas and important arguments were presented, including the view from the popular review and arguments from the deputies. I think that we are spending too much energy on this issue...we are discussing this issue though there is no question that the electoral system will become more democratic. We will have an agreed position about the certain time period in the second half of June. We are awaiting the conclusion of the Venice Commission,” MP Talakvadze said.



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