Movement for building

Former Parliamentary Chairman Presents New Political Party, Movement for Building


In a special presentation today, former Parliamentary Chairman Davit Usupashvili introduced the creation of a new political party called the “Movement for Building.” Usupashvili was previously a leader of the Republican Party, but left the party after the 2016 parliamentary elections.

Usupashvili said the Movement for Building will be a new political force based on co-participation with a broad social spectrum and a centrist direction. The final process of establishing the movement will be completed in Spring 2018. The new party will participate in the 2020 parliamentary elections and the 2017 local elections. Movement for Building will present its candidates for the local elections in the beginning of July.

Usupashvili stated that the party’s founding principle and slogan will be “What’s good, we will maintain, what’s bad we will change, what we lack, we will create.”

The new party says their “everyday work” will be based on “the highest political and professional standards,” and they will be steadfast to the following principles:

  • First country, then party
  • First a program, then power
  • Integrity, not obstinacy
  • Being one of many, not the “one and only”
  • Competition, not hostility
  • Criticism. not offense
  • Unity, not dissent
  • Being qualified, not superficial
  • Dialogue, not monologue
  • Love and not hate

Revaz Shavishvili and Kakha Shartava, former members of the National Forum Party, and

Vakhtang Khmaladze, a former Republican Party member, will also be members of Movement for Building.


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