Ministry of Internal Affairs

Georgians May Soon Get Reduced Fee for Fines from Police


Georgian officials discussed an initiative by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia at the government meeting today, to give a chance for citizens to pay reduced fines under certain circumstances.

The legislative package suggests creating an incentive mechanism in regards to paying fines. Fined citizens will be given a ‘privilege’ period of of time of 10 calendar days, where if they pay their fine within that period, the fee will be reduced by 20%.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs says that with this system, fines are more likely to be paid in a timely manner and it will save state resources. They say similar models are also used in Italy, the UK, and France.

The package also proposes changes regarding the way citizens are notified about violations captured by videos or photos. Georgian Post will send a notification the fined person only once instead of twice, and the time period for submitting the payment is extended from six months to one year.

If Georgian Post does not manage to deliver the fine to the person within the discount period, then the Ministry of Internal Affairs will publish the information about it on its website, and after 30 days, it will be considered as the person being notified.

The same method for photo and video fines are used in Estonia, reports the MIA.

Moreover, punishments will be introduced for driving scooters under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


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