Individual Wanted by German Interpol Detained in Georgia


An Israeli citizen wanted on Interpol by Germany since 2006 was detained in Batumi yesterday, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

"An Israeli citizen, born 1953, who was wanted by German Interpol since 2006, was detained as a result of a joint operation of the staff of Batumi Airport, the MIA border immigration control division of the patrol police department of Adjara, and Interpol of Tbilisi,” reads the Ministry of Internal Affairs statement.

According to the MIA, the detainee is accused of violating Articles 1,3, and 29 of the German Narcotic Law (Betäubungsmittelgesetz) that envisages the purchase, possession, and selling of large amounts of drugs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs says procedures for extradition envisaged by the law are in progress.


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