creeping occupation

“No to Occupation” Demonstration at the Occupation Line with South Ossetia

Photo: Rustavi 2

Students organized a demonstration on July 8 at the village of Bershueti near the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia, carrying signs reading “No to Occupation” and “Russia is an occupier.” Several NGOs and civil society groups also joined the protest.

The demonstrators gathered in the village of Akhalsopeli and demonstrated up till the village of Bershueti, where Russian soldiers moved the fence of the ABL deeper into Georgia-controlled territory on July 4.

The protesters say the aim of the demonstration was to show Russia that they “can’t just move the fence on their own will.”

“We are telling the Russian government that this land has an owner. The fact that high-ranking [Georgian] officials aren’t making any statements doesn’t mean these lands are vacant,” a demonstrator said.


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