Bagrati Cathedral

UNESCO Removes Bagrati Cathedral from Cultural Heritage List


UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has removed Georgia’s Bagrati Cathedral from its cultural heritage site list, UNESCO said at a briefing on July 10.

The Ministry of Culture of Georgia confirmed this information to Tabula. They ministry said the decision is connected to the renovation of the cathedral in 2010.

“Seven years ago we knew that the Bagrati Cathedral would be removed from the list of cultural heritages, when UNESCO said right away that the rough intrusion which was implemented was inadequate. Yes, Bagrati is off the list. This was caused by rough restoration and reconstruction works in 2010,” the Ministry of Culture said.

The Ministry of Culture says they have managed to keep the Gelati Cathedral on the list of cultural heritage site.

Both the Gelati Cathedral and the Bagrati Cathedral are located outside of the city of Kutaisi in western Georgia.


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