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State Security Service Detained Tbilisi City Hall Employee for Bribery

Photo: Oto Sbesadze/

The State Security Service’ anti-corruption agency detained Tbilisi City Hall employee Otar Abesadze for alleged bribery.

According to their investigation, in May 2017, Abesadze promised to validate permits to build infrastructure for a cafe on a raft on the Mtkvari river in return for 3000 dollars.

“The detained explained to the citizen that all the issues had been negotiated in the Architecture Service, as well as the Property Management and Supervision Departments under Tbilisi City Hall, and that they could proceed with the necessary works in terms of arranging the raft. The detained also ensured that the citizen would not be fined by the employees of the Supervision Department under Tbilisi City Hall during the repair works,” the State Security Service of Georgia announced regarding the case.

The investigation of bribery is ongoing based on Article 338 Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia, that envisages imprisonment from six to nine years.

Abesadze has been a member of the Georgian Dream since 2012, and was a leader of the youth wing. He then became an adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.


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