“Georgian March” Organizers Sexually Threatened Counter Protest Organizer on Social Media

Photo: facebook.com/gia.korkotashvili

A member of the Patriot’s Alliance and two members of the Ultranationalsit movement "Erovnulebi" threatened over social media one of the organizers of the July 14 Bershueti protest against Russia’s creeping occupation.

In a July 16 facebook post which is now deleted, Patriot’s Alliance member Konstantine Morgoshia and Erovnulebi members Gia Korkotashvili and Mikheil Amisulashvili sent violent sexual comments threatening 25-year-old Tatia Dolidze, Georgia’s former youth representative to the UN and an organizer of the Bershueti protest.

Dolidze had written on her facebook criticizing the July 14 Georgian March, in which nationalist groups marched on Tbilisi’s Aghmashenabeli avenue demanding to “clean Tbilisi of illegal immigrants.” The men who threatened her were organizers of the Georgian March.

The leaders of the Georgian March have denied they wrote the violent comments. They claim that screenshot images of the Facebook conversations which were circulated showing the aggressive comments are fake.

The Women’s Movement NGO shared an official statement calling on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to start an investigation regarding the threat of rape against Dolidze.

They also it is alarming that the government is silent about the Georgian March demonstration and the “propaganda full of hatred” promoted by the organizers.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has started an investigation into the case according to article 151 of the criminal code, involving threatening a person. The Ministry says Dolidze has not approached them requesting an investigation.

Dolidze wrote on her Facebook page today asking journalists to stop constant calling.

“I can’t use my phone as it won’t stop even for a second. If you’re really worried about this matter, let me legally adjust everything. There’s no need to give political background to this. I also call upon different parties not to use my case for their political aims. This is an administrative and criminal offence. The reaction to it will be adequate,” she wrote.


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