Tatia Dolidze Case

Khoshtaria: We Will Not Accept Government’s Encouragement of Fascists

Photo: ტაბულა

Movement for Liberty - European Georgia’s candidate for Tbilisi mayor, Elene Khoshtaria, announced plans to hold a protest on July 23 at 20:00 on Tbilisi’s Aghmashenabeli avenue, against the government’s inaction regarding what she says is a rising threat of fascism in Georgia, recently linked to a case of threatened sexual violence.

On July 16, a group of men who were organizers of the July 14 anti-foreigner ‘Georgian March’ wrote on Facebook against Tatia Dolidze, who had criticized the goals of the Georgian March, and wrote explicit intentions to rape her.

Khoshtaria criticized the lack of reaction from the government, and said the case is a criminal offense that contains dangerous elements of violence and gang rape.

"The government, which already feeds and encourages fascism, still maintains an absolutely passive position [on this case], which itself should be considered as a threat, as it encourages fascist manifestations like this," Khoshtaria said at a briefing today.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs tried to not open an investigation into the case of Tatia Dolidze, however after public pressure, they commenced an investigation. We have a tradition of never-ending criminal investigations. Most importantly, the government did not even consider it as a danger of declaration of Russian fascism and strengthening of fascists in the country.” Khoshtaria said.

Khoshtaria said there are efforts to establish Russian-style fascism in Georgia under the idea of ​​“Georgians,” however, she says, violence and fascism have never been the idea of being Georgian.

The goal of the July 23 demonstration is to call on the authorities to think about the danger Georgia faces from neo-fascist groups, and to voice society’s position on it.  

"It is utterly important our society have a very clear position that it does not accept this fascistic version of the ‘Georgian idea.’ That is why we organize a demonstration… where we will express that we will not accept fascism and encouragement from the government of these violators,” said Khoshtaria.


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