Nighlife in Tbilisi

Hostelworld Features Tbilisi’s Bassiani Among Top 20 Nightclubs in the World


Travel website published a list of the top 20 best nightclubs in the world. Tbilisi’s Bassiani club is number one on the list, coming among nightclubs Berghain (Berlin), Concrete (Paris), DC10 (Ibiza), De School (Amsterdam) and others.

“Bassiani, the biggest techno club in Tbilisi, is a maze of poured concrete in the basement of Dinamo Arena, Georgia’s national football stadium. On Saturday mornings, once the sun is up, you can watch smoke drift across the pitch, rising upwards from the party downstairs, where as many as 1,200 people shuffle around an empty swimming pool,” Hostelworld says of Bassiani.

Bassiani was featured before in The Guardian, which encouraged clubbers to ‘forget’ London and Berlin and go to Eastern Europe in its September 2016 article.

One of the core values of Bassiani was not just to create a high quality music nightclub, but to ensure a safe space for all sexual, ethnic or religious minorities. Since its opening in 2013, the club stands as an active defender of the LGBT+ community, the Guardian writes.

W Magazine also published an insightful piece about what actually happens at Bassiani and the history behind it.

If you want to know more about Bassiani, check out the documentary, in which Musician/Producer Lapsley from Liverpool, UK visits the three biggest clubs of Tbilisi:


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