Two Candidates for Georgia’s ECHR Judge Rejected by Strasbourg Court

Photo: Newsweek

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg rejected today two out of the three candidates that were proposed for the position of Georgia’s judge at the court.

The only candidate proceeding onto the next stage is Judge Lado Chanturia; Judges Sopho Japaridze and Shota Getsadze will not be candidates for the position any longer.

Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani has said that the two candidates were rejected because of their age and inexperience as judges; Japaridze is 36-years-old, and Getsadze 35-years-old.

The ECHR selection process requires for Georgia to announce a competition once again. The competition has already been announced by the Government of Georgia and will last until August 25.

This is the third time that the ECHR is rejecting the Georgian candidates.

On each phase of the selection process, the Government of Georgia has received criticism from NGOs and opposition parties over their selected candidates.

“The [ruling] Georgian Dream, [former Prime Minister Bidzina] Ivanishvili’s team and specifically Tea Tsulukiani is harming Georgia in so many ways. The institution which should be the main guarantee of human rights protection in Georgia is presenting absolutely incompetent candidates for the position which should be representing us. This is the face of Ivanishvili’s team. How can we have hope in anything from this team?” today stated Giga Bokeria, the Political Council Secretary of the opposition Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party.

Salome Samadashvili, a member of the UNM opposition party, said that “failing [to make the] list for the second time has proven that Georgia, unfortunately, doesn’t have trust and doesn’t answer to the standards set by the Council of Europe. This is the result of politicized and nepotistic process which have turned the competition and selection process into a farce.”

The final three candidates were selected on June 1 by the Government of Georgia. In total, 24 candidates were interviewed for the position. The selection process, led by a special governmental commission, was set up on February 20th, 2017 and is chaired by Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani.


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