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NDI Public Opinion Poll Results on Georgia’s Foreign Policy, Drug Policy


The National Democratic Institute (NDI) released the results of their most recent public opinion survey in Georgia regarding the country’s electoral system, political parties, and police activity on July 26th.

The fieldwork for the survey was carried out from June 18th to July 9th throughout the regions of Georgia, excluding the occupied territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 2,261 face-to-face interviews were conducted based on a sampling selection. The NDI survey was conducted by CRRC-Georgia. The average margin of error is +/- 2.2%.

On foreign policy, 62% of the pollees think that Georgia should be join the European Union, whereas 23% think it should be part of the Eurasian Union. 8% of the pollees support neither of those two unions, and 6% doesn’t know/have the answer.

77% accept the government’s goal to become a member of the EU and 66% accepts the government’s goal to get NATO membership.

The poll suggests that most of the pollees who support EU membership are in a younger age group. To the question whether Georgia should become a member of the EU or not, 86% of pollees from the 18-35 age group and 77% of the pollees from the 36-55 age group responded positively. 66% of pollees older than age 56 support Georgia’s EU membership.

In regards to NATO, 77% of the 18-35 age group supports Georgia’s membership in NATO, 64% in the 36-55 age group support it, and 55% in the 56 and older age group support it.

NDI also touched upon Georgia’s drug policies. The poll suggests that 57% of Georgians think that citizens should not be arrested for any kind of drug use (marijuana, pills, intravascular, etc.). 36% think that imprisonment is not the right way of punishment, and 7% doesn’t know/have the answer.

NDI also published the results of their public opinion poll on local self-governments and public approval of new legislative changes to the self-government laws.


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