Ana Dolidze

Ana Dolidze: The Parliamentary Chairman Is Unfit For The Job

Photo: პრეზიდენტის ადმინისტრაცია

“The Parliamentary Chairman is rude and unfit for the job,” said the President’s Parliamentary Secretary Ana Dolidze, after the conclusion of a special session of parliament yesterday to discuss the President’s three vetoes regarding amendments to the local election code.

At the special session of Parliament, Dolidze and parliamentary chairman Irakli Kobakhidze engaged in a verbal confrontation. During her speech to parliament, Dolidze noted that Kobakhidze’s discussion concerning the local election code was full of “attacks, insults, and underserved and worthless criticism.”

Kobakhidze responded to Dolidze that: “You are a public servant and you need to keep the corresponding ethical norms in regards to insults, you need to provide an example.”

Dolidze responded by stating that the presidential administration is used to “similar types of discourse” from the Parliamentary Chairman and “naturally will not get involved.”

Kobakhidze afterwards repeated several times that Dolidze was a public officer and should not be speaking about politics.

“You are not allowed to engage in political controversies. Political responses are the President’s prerogative, he is a politician unlike yourself,” Kobakhidze said.

Dolidze answered that she is the President’s representative in Parliament.

“By the very legislation that you have approved, I am the holder of a political office, which is appointed and released by the President. As a result of your reforms, you removed the President’s Parliamentary Secretary from the list of public servants,” Dolidze said.

The Parliamentary Chairman, however, affirms that it is not true.

“That a public servant should not get involved in political controversies is part of the ABC of political theory,” Kobakhidze said.


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