US-Georgia relations

Mike Pence Official Visit to Georgia: “One Day We Will Stand Together as Allies”


Vice President of the United States Mike Pence paid an official visit to Georgia on July 31.

Pence met with leaders of opposition parties early in the morning, and then held a press conference with Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili. During his speech at the press conference, Pence expressed support towards Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“President Donald Trump has sent me here with a simple message for you and for people of Georgia: We’re with you, we stand with you, we’re proud of friendship and strategic partnership… America first doesn’t mean America alone, as America stands with Georgia,” Pence stated during the press conference with Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

Pence also emphasized Georgia’s Euro-atlantic aspirations saying that: “Under President Donald Trump we will continue to stand with you as partners as friends, and one day we will stand together as allies. Georgia’s future is in the West.”

You can view the entire press conference in the following video:

After the meeting with opposition parties, Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party leader Davit Bakradze commented that:

“Our position and the position of our American partners coincide. That a democratic Georgia is the kind of Georgia which will have maximum support, which will find its place in the Euro-Atlantic sphere and NATO, and which will manage to defend itself from Russian aggression, as Georgian democracy isn’t just a matter of interior politics, but the recipe and cure against all problems.”

Commenting on the importance of Pence’s visit, the Chairman of parliament’s Euro-integration committee Tamar Khulordava stated: “This visit is the expression of immense support. This is a clear message for us and the rest of the countries in the region. This [visit] affirms that the United States is the most important supporter of Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and the US has affirmed this on legislative levels too, not only once. We are trustworthy for the US too and a trustworthy partner in the region.”

Together with his wife, Vice President Mike Pence will also meet the Patriarch of Georgia at Sioni cathedral.


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