occupied Abkhazia

Military Warehouse Explodes in Abkhazia Leaving Two Dead, 60 Injured


A military warehouse exploded in Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia near the village of Primorskoe on August 2nd. 

According to reporting from BBC Russian service, two persons were killed by the explosion. They were tourists from Russia. At least 60 people have been injured, including 35 Russian tourists. 27 people have been hospitalized.

The village is being evacuated, BBC reports.

The government of Abkhazia stated that Russian soldiers are working together with local authorities in the vicinity of the explosion to contain the flames, however they have not been able to get close to the epicenter of the explosion yet.

Russian media outlet Sputnik has reported that the intensity of the fire has lessened, but that it remains quite strong.  

The Sokhumi-Psou road has been closed as there is a risk of cars being hit by exploding shells from the warehouse.

The Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia has opened an investigation into the cause of the explosion, representative Svetlana Petrenko announced.


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