Local Self-Government Elections 2017

Four Opposition Parties Unite for Local Elections


Four opposition parties have united ahead of the upcoming local elections in October 2017, which includes the parties Civil Platform - New Georgia, New Unity for Georgia, European Democrats, and Civil Alliance for Liberty.

The leader of the Civil Platform - New Georgia party, Giorgi Vashadze, called for the leaders of the opposition parties - Nikoloz Vashakidze, Mamuka Gamkrelidze, Paata Davitaia and Zurab Kharatishvili - to unite together.

The party leaders stated at a joint press conference today that the ruling Georgian Dream has brought Georgia into deep stagnation, and that every day this crisis intensifies. The party leaders say that the local elections in October will give them the chance to replace an unprofessional administration with a more established government.

“It is clear that the Georgian Dream is prepared to use whatever means necessary to preserve power. In these conditions, it will be especially difficult for the remaining opposition to defeat the ruling government’s candidates,” the opposition leaders said.

The party leaders added that it is important for pro-Western opposition electorates to consolidate and mobilize to achieve a common purpose.

“Our task is to lose not one voice from the opposition! Here today, we are united as a political and public force to accomplish this task. We are speaking from the principle of ‘Power in Unity.’

We call on pro-Western political powers from the opposition, public organization, and those active in public society to unite around democratic principles and elect the most open and competitive candidates for mayor and city council!” announced the opposition party leaders.


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