2008 August war

President: Putin’s Visit to Abkhazia is a Futile Attempt to Legitimize Occupation

Photo: პრეზიდენტის ადმინისტრაცია

“Today, when in Georgian land, when the President of the Russian Federation is in Abkhazia, this is a futile attempt to somehow legitimize a historic injustice,” Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili said today, in an interview at the Mukhatgverdi Military Cemetery in Tbilisi.

Margvelashvili said that Georgia will once again get back lost territories, just as it with independence it regained territories which were lost in 1921.

“In 1921 Georgian Bolsheviks united Georgia with the Soviet Union, when supporters of the Red Army and followers of Orjonikidze were celebrating by waving the red flag in Tbilisi. But they couldn’t break the Georgian people, and we still achieved independence. Regaining our complete territory is first in our resolve and steadfastness. No one should ever consider the idea that Georgia should be divided somehow or have an altered arrangement. Georgia is unified, Georgia is strong,” Margvelashvili stated.

Kakha Kaladze, the Georgian Dream’s candidate for Tbilisi mayor also made a statement on his Facebook concerning the nine-year anniversary of the 2008 August war:

“The war in August 2008 has begun again. We lost fighters. We lost a peaceful population. We lost territories. I offer condolences to Georgia, I offer condolences to everyone whom this war directly affected and to whom this war brought unhappiness. We will forever remember and honor our heroes! There will come a time when Georgia will again be united and all of us, on both sides of the barbed wire, will be part of one common home,” Kaladze wrote.


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