Cyanide Case

Court Sentences Archpriest in Cyanide Case to Nine Years in Prison

Photo: ნეტგაზეთი

Tbilisi City Court ruled today that Archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze stands guilty of accusations that he planned to poison Patriarch Ilia II’s secretary in February 2017. The court sentenced Mamaladze to nine years imprisonment. The decision was made by Judge Besik Bugianishvili at 12:00 on September 5. Archpriest Mamaladze was not present at the court hearing.

The judge requalified the accusation from ‘preparation of self-interested murder’ to ‘deliberate preparation of murder.’ Instead of self-interest, Judge Bugianishvili stated that the motive for planning the murder was revenge.

On February 10, 2017, Archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze, a high-ranking clergymen in the Georgian Orthodox Church, was arrested at Tbilisi International Airport with cyanide in his suitcase, with alleged plan to poison the secretary and advisor of Patriarch Ilia, Shorena Tetruashvili, in a case which was dubbed ‘the Cyanide case.’ He has been in detention since. The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia released an interim report on March 8th of their investigation of the ‘Cyanide case,’ including audio and video footage. 


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