Local Self-Government Elections 2017

Georgian Dream Received 4.55 Million GEL in Donations in August 2017

Photo: 41.ge

The ruling party Georgian Dream party received 4.55 million GEL in donations in August 2017, according to a report of State Audit Office of Georgia. This constitutes 93% of all donations given to all political parties in August 2017.

The European Georgia party is in second place in terms of donations: The opposition party received 287,000 GEL in donations in August 2017. Independent candidate for Tbilisi mayor Aleko Elisashvili is in third place, receiving 9,700 GEL in donations.

Donation amounts given to political parties in August 2017:

  • Georgian Dream - 4,555,993 GEL
  • European Georgia - 287,439 GEL
  • Alexander Elisashvili Fund - 9,769 GEL
  • Girchi - 7,000 GEL
  • United National Movement - 5,330 GEL
  • National Forum - 2,415 GEL
  • National Democratic Party - 1,112 GEL
  • United Communist Party of Georgia - 136 GEL
  • Republican Party - 20 GEL

Both private companies and individuals donated to the Georgian Dream.

Some companies that donated to the Georgian Dream are companies which have been winning public tenders for several years.

MP Kakha Okriashvili's company GMP/PSP transferred 120,000 GEL in donations to the Georgian Dream. PSP has won tenders over 40 million GEL over the last few years, and PSP Insurance has won tenders valued at over 60 million GEL.

20,000 GEL was transferred to the Georgian Dream from road construction company Shara. The company has won tenders valued at over 10 million GEL during the last years.


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