Local Self-Government Elections 2017

NGOs Alarmed Georgian Dream has Only Two Women Mayoral Candidates out of 64

Photo: საია

The ruling Georgian Dream party announced on September 8 the full list of all the Georgian Dream’s mayoral candidates throughout the country for the upcoming October local-self government elections.

Out of 64 mayoral candidates for different cities in Georgia, Georgian Dream has 62 men and two women running.

The two women candidates are running in the Tianieti (Lela Kitesashvili) and Ninotsminda (Anivard Mosoniani) mayorships.

A working group on women’s political participation has said it is ‘alarming’ and that the Government of Georgia is not fulfilling its international responsibilities about women’s political participation.

The working group unites nine NGOs including the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA), Women’s Information Center, Gender Equality Network, and Network Sapari.

The NGOs published a joint statement noting that women’s representation in local self-governments is very low. There is currently no woman mayor in Georgia, and out of 59 directly-elected governors, only one is a woman.

“The people’s will to have women and men equally participating in the political or socio-economic processes is neglected.

The government isn’t fulfilling its international responsibilities, which is a threat to the country’s democratic development.

We are calling upon all the political parties to keep in mind the importance of women’s participation before handing in their lists for local self-government elections,” reads the statement from the working group.


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