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Georgia’s Universal Healthcare Budget for 2018 More than Expenses for Police or Military

Photo: ტაბულა

The Ministry of Finance presented the first project of the 2018 state budget, revealing that the budget for the Ministry of Health will reach a record high 3.5 billion Georgian Lari (GEL). This is 112 million GEL more for the Health ministry than in the 2017 budget.

According to the budget, the cost of the universal healthcare program is rising by 44 million GEL, reaching 704 million GEL, a record high. The amount is more than what is allotted to the Ministry of Defence in the 2018 budget, which is 702 million GEL.

The Government of Georgia is reducing the funding for the Ministry of Defence by 46 million GEL. The reduced budget does not affect the salaries of the 42,000 individuals working in the ministry. Employees will receive a total of 379 million GEL in salaries in 2018, which is 0.2% more compared to the previous year’s budget for salaries. 53% of the Ministry’s budget will go to employees’ salaries.

The universal healthcare budget will also exceed the budget of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The MIA’s budget will be 605 million GEL, 99 million GEL less than the universal healthcare budget.

The universal healthcare budget 2014-2018:

  • 2014 - 338 million GEL
  • 2015 - 573 million GEL
  • 2016 - 681 million GEL
  • 2017 - 660 million GEL
  • 2018 - 704 million GEL


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