Patriots' Alliance

Patriots’ Alliance MPs go to Russia for Second Time in Three Months

Photo: ტაბულა

Three Members of Parliament with the opposition Patriots’ Alliance party are in Moscow to meet with members of the Russian Parliament. The visit is planned until October 5, according to MP Ada Marshania.

This is the second visit of MPs Ada Marshania, Nato Chkheidze, and Giorgi Lomia in Russia in the past three months; the three MPs paid a visit in Moscow in July 2017. The Patriot’s Alliance is suggesting to have a direct dialogue with Russia and to implement a Georgia-NATO-Russia trilogue format.

“Wherever we go, especially in Moscow, the main topic of discussion will of course be our territories, our Sokhumi and our Tskhinvali, and all the problems related to the unification of the country,” Marshania said before her departure.

The Patriots’ Alliance is one of three parties which managed to pass the 5% threshold to enter parliament in the 2016 elections, winning six seats in the 150-seat parliament. MP Nato Chkheidze of the Patriot’s Alliance was elected deputy chairperson of Parliament’s Legal Issues Committee in November 2016.

The party has been widely criticized by NGOs for xenophobic speech. The Media Development Fund’s annual report in 2016 found 77 instances of hate speech used by Patriots’ Alliance party leaders and that 8% of cases of xenophobic hate speech was attributed to Patriots’ Alliance party leaders.


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