Gender Quotas

Parliament’s Legal Committee Supports Gender Quota

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Parliament of Georgia’s Legal Committee supported yesterday a legislative initiative on introducing a gender quota in parliament, with 10 members supporting the initiative and 0 against.

Eka Beselia, the chairman of the committee, called the decision "very important."

Members of the Georgian Women's Movement attended the Legal Committee meeting as well.

"We want to take this responsibility. We want to use the talents, capabilities, and knowledge of women in creating welfare in our country. 70% of the population of the country believes that more women in politics will bring prosperity to this country. Competitiveness, knowledge, and experience will be increased that will be beneficial for our country," said Baia Pataraia, of the Georgian Women's Movement at the committee sitting.

If the Parliament supports the draft law at a plenary session, the amendments will be introduced to the Election Code of Georgia.

According to the proposed changes, each second member on a party list should be a representative of a different sex.

"In the parliamentary and local self-government elections, parties will be obliged to protect the gender balance, so that every second candidate in the party list must have a different gender. Otherwise, the Central Election Commission will return the list to the party to correct the error. In case the party does not eradicate the problem, the party will not be registered. In addition, if the member of Parliament or city assembly turns down his or her mandate, the seat has to be filled with the following person on the list of the same gender," the explanatory part of the draft law elaborates.

Earlier on September 11 of this year, the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Georgia supported the legislative initiative on gender quotas.

The previous convocation of the parliament did not support the gender quota.


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