Georgian Orthodox Church

TI Georgia: 183,414 Square Meters of Land Passed to Church Since 2014


Tbilisi City Assembly gave permission to Tbilisi City Hall to transfer 183,414 square meters of land in total to the Georgian Orthodox Church during the time period of its 5th convocation, Transparency International Georgia said at a press conference while presenting a new report. The report is not yet accessible to the public.

The report looks at three years of work of Tbilisi City Assembly from 2014-2017.

TI Georgia reports that during the course of the last three years, Tbilisi City Assembly has given permission to individuals or legal entities to pass property 58 times. In 28 cases the process for property transfer was done for the symbolic price of 1 GEL.

The privatization in most of the cases were concerning the construction of new churches as well as recreation spaces such as parks and other uses.


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