Geostat Reports

Death Rate in Georgia hits record High in 2016


The National Statistics Office of Georgia, or Geostat, published a new report on demographics in Georgia covering 2016, showcasing the country’s birth rate, death rate, as well as marriages and divorces.

According to Geostat, 56,569 babies were born in Georgia in 2016, out of which 28,887 were male and 27,682 were female. Geostat reports that since the year 1990, the year with the highest birth rate in Georgia was in 1990 with 92,815 babies born, whereas the year with the lowest was in 2006, with 47,795 babies born.

Regarding the death rate, 50,771 persons died in Georgia in 2016, which is the record highest year in the last 16 years.

The number of divorces also hit a record high in 2016, according to Geostat. There were 9,539 cases of divorce, which is the highest indicator in the last 16 years.

Out of those divorces, 6,565 were in urban areas (68.8%) and 2,974 in rural areas (31.2%).

Geostat also reports that 25,101 couples were officially married in 2016, which is the lowest in eight years.

Most couples got married in the capital Tbilisi (7,304 marriages), followed by the Imereti region (3,832) and Kvemo Kartli region (2,867).


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