Local Self-Government Elections 2017

Election Day: Voting Rate in Tbilisi is Higher than in 2014 Local Elections


According to the Central Election Commission, by 12:00pm today, 567,699 people casted their votes in Georgia in the local self-government elections, which is 16.5% of voters.

139,220 of those who voted by 12:00 live in Tbilisi, which is 14.8% of voters registered in Tbilisi.

This year Tbilisi residents are more active in voting than in the 2014 local self-government elections. By 12:00 in the local self-government elections of 2014, voting activity in Tbilisi was 12.8% with 117,402 people having voted by that hour.

Regions in Georgia where the average rate of casted votes is above 16.5% by 12pm, according to the CEC:

Racha-Lechkhumi - 27.9%, 9,733 voters
Guria - 22.9%, 25,205 voters
Samtskhe-Javakheti - 20.3%, 29,487 voters
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti - 18.1%, 62,204 voters
Imereti - 17.3%, 93,019 voters
Kakheti - 16.7%, 50,668 voters

Regions with less than 16.5% of voters going to the polls by 12pm:

Mtskheta-Mtianeti - 16.2%, 13,967 voters
Adjara - 16%, 49,041 voters
Kvemo Kartli - 15.9%, 62,313 voters
Tbilisi - 14.8%, 139,220 voters
Shida Kartli - 13.9%, 32,842 voters

Local self-government elections are being held in Georgia today. Citizens of Georgia will elect 2,058 members of 64 city councils (sakrebulo). In addition, 64 mayors will be elected in Tbilisi and other cities.

According to the CEC, in the 73 districts of the country, 3,634 voting precincts were opened at 8:00 am today for voting. There are, in addition, 10 special units in penitentiary establishments.

3,440,123 voters are registered for the October 21, 2017 elections. 22 political parties, five election blocs, and one initiative group are taking part in the elections.

Mayors and members of city assemblies will be elected for four years term. In order to win mayoral elections, a candidate must overcome a 50% threshold. If none of the candidates can collect the required number of votes, the second round of elections will be announced.

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