Local Self-Government Elections 2017

29.84% of Voters Cast Their Ballots by 15:00 in Local Elections

Photo: facebook.com/CentralElectionCommissionOfGeorgia

According to the Central Election Commission, by 15:00 today, 1,026,430 people participated in the local self-government elections, which is 29.84% of total eligible voters.

In the local self-government elections of 2014, at 15:00 voter turnout was 28.94%.

According to the comment of CEC spokesperson Ana Mikeladze at a briefing today, the highest activity was recorded in the region of Racha-Lechkhumi with 46.2% voter turnout, and the lowest has been in the Shida Kartli region with 25.4%.

As for Tbilisi, by 15:00 voter turnout was 27.7%, which is 3.9% more than in the 2014 local self-government elections. At the previous elections, by 15:00, 23.8% of eligible Tbilisi residents had cast their votes.


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